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  • DIP into snow

    The dreaded Dedicated Interview Period (DIP) week is over! I can hear people exhaling from relief all around me. DIP is mostly for finance, consulting, and more established companies, but Wharton also has great resources for students that want to spend their summers at startups: http://entrepreneurship...
    Posted to Weblog by Esther Sun Jang WG14 on 02-14-2013
  • Recruiting Madness

    Formal recruiting is finally over! All of the horror stories that you have heard are true. You will start your day with an 8 AM coffee chat with McBain, go to class, go to a lunch coffee chat with Pomegranate, have back to back calls for 3 hours, head to dinner with the BC-OMG NY office, after which...
    Posted to Weblog by Esther Sun Jang WG14 on 11-15-2012
  • Cool, cut-throat, kind people

    Before the start of Pre-Term, a few Whartonites and I decided to meet at a surf camp in Costa Rica. We had never met each other before, but after a week of waves, we became the best of friends! I know, that sounds SUPER cheesy. But here's the thing - I was not expecting to make many friends at Wharton...
    Posted to Weblog by Esther Sun Jang WG14 on 09-22-2012
  • 3 P's and 1 E

    Only 21 days passed since I landed in Philadelphia, and every moment of it has been very joyful so far. When I close my eyes now, 4 major points come to my mind: 1st P: Pre-term This year, Wharton has compressed its preterm schedule to 2 weeks. With the newly updated curriculum, the school has done a...
    Posted to Weblog by Seckin Ozdamar WG14 on 08-27-2012
  • Whiskey, Cigars, Frisbee, and Francophilia: Extracurriculars at Wharton

    Social, academic, extracurricular - Wharton's trifecta equivalent of the legislative, judicial, and executive. Three puzzle pieces which snugly consummate all the time I spend here at Wharton not sleeping, which is a lot of time. Swamped and exhausted is he at Wharton who attempts to maximize his...
    Posted to Weblog by Eduardo Mestre WG13 on 09-23-2011
  • Entrepreneurial Project / Field Study with a Venture Company

    I hope it is ok posting this here. I am CEO of honeywish, an online honeymoon travel service in Germany, which my co-founder and I started out of our Masters degree at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich last year. honeywish has created quite some buzz in Germany and is currently expanding internationally...
    Posted to Forum by Angela.H. on 01-28-2010
  • Social Entrepreneurship Management

    Hi, I am applying for full time MBA fall 2010 program. I am working as a Managing Director of an Educational Institute in India, which runs a higher secondary school, a kindergarten, and a college. I am interested in your social enterprise, entrepreneurship management and non-profit management courses...
    Posted to Forum by prashant on 12-14-2009
  • Wharton SBDC Instructors

    Hi I am very impressed with the Wharton SBDC instructors as listed on I was wondering if they also teach MBA courses ? Otherwise, do MBA students who work as SBDC Consultants get to closely interact with them (and spend time) to learn more from...
    Posted to Forum by manjuls on 07-25-2009
  • NIR Diagnostics Wins Wharton Business Plan Competition Michelson Grand Prize

    NIR Diagnostics Wins Wharton Business Plan Competition Michelson Grand Prize with Device That Can Predict Wound Treatment Complications Dr. Pitamber "Pitou" Devgon, whose team recently won the 2009 Wharton Business Plan Competition (Wharton BPC) for a wound assessment device, has come a long...
    Posted to Weblog by MBA Admissions Blog on 06-22-2009
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