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  • A Wharton MBA is a team matter how much you want to run with the ball, you've got to rely on your mates

    Having been in Philly for nigh on six weeks now, and into 'real term' for two (as opposed to the glories of pre-term which I am sure others have covered by now), it has become increasingly clear that life is like, not a box of chocolates, but a game of rugby. Having recently also joined the rugby...
    Posted to Weblog by Julian Bennet WG14 on 09-18-2012
  • Post Pre-Term

    Pre-Term was chaotic fun. I ran from one activity to the next, sleep deprived and giddy. Now, as I reflect on the past three weeks, I've noticed things are still fun but less chaotic. I'm getting better at this whole grad school thing. Making Friends at Wharton: When I first arrived at Wharton...
    Posted to Weblog by Kate Epstein on 09-05-2012
  • Mission (Preterm) Accomplished

    Preterm is over, done, and this is what I got out of it; a half course credit, a thousand different Wharton t-shirts, two water bottles, and my learning team. I also lost some things; mostly sleep, but also the mouth-drying dread that had been building up in me all summer. Yes, I was excited about school...
    Posted to Weblog by John Pettengil WG14 on 09-04-2012
  • 3 P's and 1 E

    Only 21 days passed since I landed in Philadelphia, and every moment of it has been very joyful so far. When I close my eyes now, 4 major points come to my mind: 1st P: Pre-term This year, Wharton has compressed its preterm schedule to 2 weeks. With the newly updated curriculum, the school has done a...
    Posted to Weblog by Seckin Ozdamar WG14 on 08-27-2012
  • The Wharton culture called '60-second lecture'

    We are in the third day of Pre-Term, the official start of our two years at Wharton as full-time MBA students. All of the 840 students of the class of 2014 have been divided into 4 clusters, each cluster consisting of around 210 students. I am in the famous cluster 3 (I have heard my friends from other...
    Posted to Weblog by Tami Zakaria, CFA, WG14 on 08-15-2012
  • End of summer update for JD/MBA's

    Summer is drawing to a close, and it was a busy one for the JD/MBA class of 2014. Having recently completed a challenging first year of law school ("1L"), we pushed ahead in May and June with a "mini term" comprised of Federal Income Taxation and Securities Regulation, elective law...
    Posted to Weblog by Alex Smorczewski JD/MBA, WG14 on 08-14-2012
  • The learning team retreat: Or, campfires, canoes, and bunk beds, oh my!

    It's been just about a week since all of us returned from our learning team retreats, and we're all still struggling to recover. You may have heard about the retreat, an infamous and integral part of Wharton pre-term. Basically, the schools sends all first-years, in two batches of six cohorts...
    Posted to Weblog by Janine Mandel WG13 on 08-29-2011
  • Adult Summer Camp: The Wharton Leadership Retreat

    Summer camp . Some of us cherish its memory deeply while others once whittled away their childhood summer months ensconced in the comfort of their proximity to home. The highlight of Wharton Pre-Term is a 2-day trip to a summer camp in the Catskills for a leadership retreat . The event is meant to promote...
    Posted to Weblog by Eduardo Mestre WG13 on 08-23-2011
  • Summer: part two

    I realize I'm a little behind my fellow student diarists: I meant to post this last weekend... but I'm glad I waited until now, because every new day here at Wharton offers a ton of new experiences! So I have more to share with you :) Also, this shows you how quickly things tend to get busy here...
    Posted to Weblog by Farah Dib on 08-11-2011
  • Back to School

    It's great to be back in Philadelphia and pre-term has been a blast so far. It's been insanely busy though. I got back from India (where I was on summer immersion as part of my dual degree Lauder program) last Saturday, which was immediately followed by a weekend of moving. If there's a way...
    Posted to Weblog by Roopak Majmudar on 08-06-2011
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