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  • Cold, Tired and Hungry: A Tribute to Wharton Leadership Ventures

    I have a confession: I’m a Leadership Venture junkie. It all started with Cotopaxi in January 2012, during my first year at Wharton. Towards the end of that school year, as I became a freshly minted Venture Fellow, I sat in a Huntsman classroom listening to outgoing VFs rattle off their prior expeditions...
    Posted to Weblog by Jennifer Royer WG13 on 06-06-2013
  • 1-1-1

    The Wharton School's 1-1-1 initiative is a new program that will encourage Wharton MBAs to pledge 1% of their future earnings to help address the abject poverty of 1 billion people who live on less than $1 a day. This program is in the process of selecting the executive committee of students from...
    Posted to Weblog by Tami Zakaria, CFA, WG14 on 04-24-2013
  • 4th Street Deli Reflections.

    A few weeks ago, I went to 4th Street Deli with some friends for traditional Jewish appetizing. We ate bagels and lox, pastrami sandwiches, pickles and coleslaw – the works. (I can’t recommend this place enough….Get the white fish salad, and you’ll be happy you did.) Over brunch...
    Posted to Weblog by Kate Epstein on 04-12-2013
  • Introversion and the idea of “stretching”

    Before Wharton, I was familiar with “diversity” being defined along a certain number of dimensions: race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability. Recently, I’ve had the interesting experience of being introduced to a new dimension of diversity, one that I had never fully...
    Posted to Weblog by Alex Smorczewski JD/MBA, WG14 on 10-28-2012
  • A Wharton MBA is a team matter how much you want to run with the ball, you've got to rely on your mates

    Having been in Philly for nigh on six weeks now, and into 'real term' for two (as opposed to the glories of pre-term which I am sure others have covered by now), it has become increasingly clear that life is like, not a box of chocolates, but a game of rugby. Having recently also joined the rugby...
    Posted to Weblog by Julian Bennet WG14 on 09-18-2012
  • It's voting time at Wharton!

    Yes, it's voting time at Wharton and the intensity is no less than that of the upcoming presidential election in November! I view this election as more than just selecting leaders for the class of 2014. I will give you the reason in a bit but first, I want to tell you how this election works at Wharton...
    Posted to Weblog by Tami Zakaria, CFA, WG14 on 09-16-2012
  • 3 P's and 1 E

    Only 21 days passed since I landed in Philadelphia, and every moment of it has been very joyful so far. When I close my eyes now, 4 major points come to my mind: 1st P: Pre-term This year, Wharton has compressed its preterm schedule to 2 weeks. With the newly updated curriculum, the school has done a...
    Posted to Weblog by Seckin Ozdamar WG14 on 08-27-2012
  • A sweet way to wrap up Management 652

    Lest I go an entry without writing about dessert somewhere, here is an entry entirely about dessert. Last week we wrapped up an intensive week-long class on leadership and teamwork, the core of which was a computer simulation in which we pretended to manage an electric car company as it navigated the...
    Posted to Weblog by Charlotte MacAusland WG13 on 09-11-2011
  • Thou Shalt Learn to Lead by Speaking Publicly

    According to Jerry Seinfeld , historian emeritus of the human condition, public speaking reigns supreme as the greatest fear that Americans have , notched comfortably one spot ahead of death , a disappointing number two. (Re-read previous sentence). Public speaking is an essential facet of leadership...
    Posted to Weblog by Eduardo Mestre WG13 on 09-07-2011
  • Adult Summer Camp: The Wharton Leadership Retreat

    Summer camp . Some of us cherish its memory deeply while others once whittled away their childhood summer months ensconced in the comfort of their proximity to home. The highlight of Wharton Pre-Term is a 2-day trip to a summer camp in the Catskills for a leadership retreat . The event is meant to promote...
    Posted to Weblog by Eduardo Mestre WG13 on 08-23-2011
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