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  • How to properly handle the acronym in essay writing?

    Happy holidays! I know people normally don't appreciate a lot of the acronyms, as they are not familiar with your industries, background, etc. If I have to use some acronyms in my essay, for example, to cite an organization with long name, what is the proper way of handling this? I was thinking to...
    Posted to Forum by chasedream on 12-25-2009
  • Profile Review

    Hi I am an Indian woman, with a Masters degree from USC (3.74/4.0) and an undergraduate degree from the Devi Ahilya University (10.00/10.00). I worked for alomst three years at a multinational softwre firm. I was laid off in the recent economic crisis. My GMAT scores are Verbal: 41 / 92%; Quant: 46 ...
    Posted to Forum by purvaupasak on 12-19-2009
  • Future Military Applicant

    Hello all, I'm currently a 25 year old Sergeant in the Air Force, and I'm working on my undergradute from Bellevue University. I will graduate early 2011 and start applying for a MBA program shortly afterwards. I know Bellevue is a no name program but hopefully a 3.8+ GPA will give me a little...
    Posted to Forum by ckb123 on 12-04-2009
  • Re: Already having an MBA

    Thanks a lot FF
    Posted to Forum by Vick on 11-28-2009
  • Re: Can we take tips frm "How to Get into the top MBA program"-Montauk?

    Jen and Victor, thanks for the quick response. Victor, what i meant by taking some stuff say, there is an essay which highlights the short term and long term goals post mba....and it kinda coincides with my goals and ideas(not in the literal sense but overall holistic view)...thn in such case...
    Posted to Forum by bitranaveen on 10-24-2009
  • Can we take tips frm "How to Get into the top MBA program"-Montauk?

    Hi All, Am a prospective applicant in the second round for Fall 2010 admissions. Is it ok if we kinda take some cues,tips or ideas from the book "How to Get into the top MBA program" by Richard Montauk? I do understand that its completely not advisable and unwise decision to copy it for obvious...
    Posted to Forum by bitranaveen on 10-24-2009
  • Recommender related information

    I am planning to ask a financial consultant to write a recommendation for me because I work closely with him while I was an entrepreneur. However, for some reason(maybe secrecy...I'm not sure) I am unable to know where he works. If this is the case, I could only fill the name and E-mail. Would this...
    Posted to Forum by Wesley on 10-11-2009
  • Academic Recommendations

    Hi, I will be applying in R2 and consider myself being in the lower end of number of years of professional experience. I would like to include a professor I studied under during my undergrad and has a good knowledge of my professional pursuits during internships and full time employment. What are the...
    Posted to Forum by bryanl on 10-06-2009
  • Discrepancy in Failure essay question in online application

    The failure question in the essays section of the online application is: "Describe a failure that you have experienced. What role did you play, and what did you learn about yourself? " I have not yet uploaded my essays. When I hit the 'Check Application' link in the left pane of the...
    Posted to Forum by sjmk1999 on 09-29-2009
  • Essay Information Overlap

    Hi, Can I assume that the same reader will see all four of my essays? There is some information overlap in my essays and I would like to avoid re-explaining certain details (save word count), unless there is a new reader for each essay. Thank you, Kelly
    Posted to Forum by KellyD on 09-20-2009
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